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These are the partners we share data with. By clicking into each partner, you can see which purposes they are requesting consent and/or which purposes they are claiming legitimate interest for.

You can provide or withdraw consent, and object to legitimate interest purposes for processing your personal data. However, please note that by disabling all data processing, some site functionality may be affected.

7.2.1 Consentimiento

Below you can give and withdraw your consent on a per purpose basis.



7.2.2 Legitimate Interest

Some Vendors set purposes with legitimate interest, a legal basis under the GDPR for data processing. You have the "Right to Object" to this data processing and can do so below per purpose.



7.2.3 Special features and purposes

Características especiales

For some of the purposes we and/or our partners use below features.

Propósitos especiales

We and/or our partners have a legitimate interest for the following two purposes:


Para algunos de los propósitos anteriores, nosotros y nuestros socios

7.2.4 Vendedores

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